You may think that it’s just a marketing action, that just implies a name change, but it’s much more than this.

The previous named products Documents Cloud and Sites Cloud , have been integrated in a new Suite called Content & Experience Cloud (shortened CEC). This action implies changes from the subscription model (much more simple) to the capabilities included in the suite (more to come) including the way the documentation is organized.

Have a look at the new integrated product documentation here:

This new release includes a big number of enhancements and new capabilities. You can have a look at the detailed list of changes here: but let’s remark the most important changes:

  • View files in full-screen mode: There is now an option in the web client to view files in full-screen mode.
  • Desktop App: performance improvements including faster start-up and faster file synchronization.
  • Mobile apps: send direct messages to people. You can send a direct message to someone by tapping that person’s avatar anywhere you see it – in a conversation, a member list, or a document list.
  • SEO optimization for Sites: Allows SEO indexing for Title, Paragraph, and Text components.
  • Sites visitors tracking: Analytics now include tracking for sites visitors.
  • New templates for site creation have been included (Access / Knowledge / Learn / Present / Relate / Share / Show)
  • Ability to use JET CCA (composite components) in Sites (have a look at this blog post to have a real example)

In a next post, I will explain the new OOTB templates, how to install them and what are the main capabilities and targeted use case for each of them.

Stay tuned and enjoy the new Content & Experience Cloud!




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